Mazda Cx9 2007 owner manual

Before you operate your Mazda CX-9 model year 2007, carefully read this manual. To protect yourself and extend the service life of your vehicle, follow the instructions in this manual. Failure to observe these instructions may result in serious injury and damage to your vehicle. This manual is composed of ten chapters. Each chapter begins with a brief table of contents, so you can usually tell at a glance if that chapter contains the information you want.

Your Vehicle at a Glance
Interior Overview
Interior Equipment (View A)
Interior Equipment (View B)
Interior Equipment (View C)
Exterior Overview

Essential Safety Equipment
Front Seats (Manually Operated Seats)
Front Seats (Electrically Operated Seats)
SecondRow Seats
ThirdRow Seat
Seat Belt Systems
Seat Belt Precautions
Point Type Seat Belt
Front Seat Belt Pretensioner and Load Limiting Systems
CenterRear Position Seat Belt (SecondRow Seats)
Seat Belt Extender
Seat Belt Warning Light/Beep
Child Restraint
Child Restraint Precautions
Installing ChildRestraint Systems
LATCH ChildRestraint Systems
SRS Air Bags
Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Precautions
Supplemental Restraint System Components
How the SRS Air Bags Work
SRS Air Bag Deployment Criteria
Limitations to SRS Air Bag
Driver and Front Passenger Occupant Classification System
Monitoring and Maintenance

Knowing Your Mazda
Advanced Keyless Entry and Start System
Advanced Keysí
Operation Using Advanced Keyless Functions
Operation Using Advanced Key Functions
Advanced Key Suspend Function
Warning and Beep Sounds
Setting Change (Function Customization)
When Warning Indicator/Beep is Activated
Doors and Locks
Keyless Entry Systemí
Door Locks
Power Windows
FuelFiller Lid and Cap
Security System
Immobilizer System (with Advanced Key)
Immobilizer System (without Advanced Key)
TheftDeterrent Systemí
Steering Wheel and Mirrors
Steering Wheel

Before Driving Your Mazda
Fuel and Engine Exhaust Precautions
Fuel Requirements
Emission Control System
Engine Exhaust (Carbon Monoxide)
Before Starting the Engine
Before Getting In
After Getting In
Driving Tips
BreakIn Period
MoneySaving Suggestions
Hazardous Driving
Rocking the Vehicle
Winter Driving
Driving In Flooded Area
Trailer Towing (Except Mexico)

Driving Your Mazda
Starting and Driving
Ignition Switch
Starting the Engine
Brake System
Automatic Transaxle Controls
Power Steering
AllWheel Drive (AWD) Operationí
Cruise Control
Traction Control System (TCS)
Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)/Roll Stability Control (RSC)
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systemí
Instrument Cluster and Indicators
Meters and Gauges
Warning/Indicator Lights and Beep Sounds
Warning/Indicator Lights
Beep Sounds
Switches and Controls
Lighting Control
Turn and LaneChange Signals
Fog Lightsí
Windshield Wipers and Washer
Rear Window Wiper and Washer
Rear Window Defroster
Hazard Warning Flasher

Interior Comfort
Climate Control System
Operating Tips
Vent Operation (Front)
Fully Automatic Type
Vent Operation (Rear)
Control Panel (Rear)
Audio System
Operating Tips for Audio System
Audio Set
Audio Control Switch Operation (Steering
Auxiliary Input (AUX mode)
Safety Certification
Rear Entertainment System
Rear Entertainment Systemí
Part Names
Before Operation
Sound Output
Rear Entertainment System Functions
DVD video, DVD audio, Video CD, Audio
CD and MP/WMA CD Playback (Disc
Auxiliary Input (AUX mode)
Language Code List
Country Code List
Error Message
Symptoms and Actions
Bluetooth HandsFree
Bluetooth HandsFreeí
Basic Bluetooth HandsFreeOperation
Convenient Use of the HandsFree System
HandsFree Telephone Setting
When the Bluetooth HandsFree cannot be used
Safety Certification
Interior Equipment
Interior Lights
Information Display
Cup Holder
Bottle Holder
Storage Compartments
Accessory Sockets
Power Outlet

In Case of an Emergency
Parking in an Emergency
Parking in an Emergency
Flat Tire
Spare Tire and Tool Storage
Changing a Flat Tire
Emergency Starting
Starting a Flooded Engine
Emergency Towing
Towing Description
Tiedown Hooks
Recreational Towing

Maintenance and Care
Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled Maintenance (USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico)
Scheduled Maintenance (Mexico)
Owner Maintenance
Owner Maintenance Schedule
Owner Maintenance Precautions
Engine Compartment Overview
Engine Oil
Engine Coolant
Brake Fluid
Power Steering Fluid
Automatic Transaxle Fluid (ATF)
Washer Fluid
Body Lubrication
Wiper Blades
Light Bulbs
Appearance Care
How to Minimize Environmental Paint Damage
Exterior Care
Interior Care

Customer Information and Reporting, Safety Defects
Customer Assistance
Customer Assistance (USA)
Customer Assistance (Canada)
Customer Assistance (Puerto Rico)
Customer Assistance (Mexico)
Mazda Importer/Distributors
Distributor in Each Area
Warranties for Your Mazda
Outside the United States andCanada
Outside the United States
Outside Canada
Registering Your Vehicle in A Foreign
Country (Except United States and Canada)
AddOn NonGenuine Parts and Accessories
Cell Phones
Cell Phones Warning
Type Approval of Equipment
Type Approval of Equipment (Mexico)
Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS)
Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS)
Tire Information (except Canada)
Tire Labeling
Location of the Tire Label (Placard)
Tire Maintenance
Vehicle Loading
Steps for Determining the Correct Load Limit:
Reporting Safety Defects
Reporting Safety Defects (USA)
Reporting Safety Defects (Canada)
Service Publications
Service Publications

Identification Numbers
Vehicle Information Labels

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