1968 – 1979 VW 1600 Transporter Clutch

The clutch is a single disc design and incorporates a driven plate (which carries the friction material on each side) and a pressure plate and cover assembly. The pressure plate is tensioned by a diaphragm spring (or coil springs on early models) incorporated in the cover assembly. The clutch operating level pivots in the forward end of the gearbox casing and a thrust bearing on the inner end bears on to the ends of the three release fingers when the arm is operated. The operating arm is moved by a cable from the clutch pedal.

1968 – 1979 VW 1600 Transporter Early Clutch Unit – Coil Spring Type

1968 - 1979 VW 1600 Transporter Clutch - Coil Spring Type

1. Cover securing screw
2. Lock washer
3. Release ring
4. Adjusting nut
5. Pressure colar
6. Release lever
7. Spring
8. Cover plate
9. Spring cap
10. Spring (white)
11. Spring (red)
12. Spring seat
13. Spring pin
14. Pivot pin
15. Clutch plate


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