VW 1600 Transporter Flywheel Removal and Renovation

With the engine removed from the car, flywheel may be removed after the clutch cover has been taken off. The flywheel is held by a single center bolt which is tightened up to 253 ft/lbs so do not think you can get it undone just like that. It was necessary to obtain a piece of angle iron to lock the flywheel by putting the angle iron across two of the clutch bolts which were put back into the flywheel. If by yourself the other end of the angle iron (or the flat bar will do) can then be held in the vice with the engine on the bench.

A 36 mm socket is then put on the bolt with the longest handle from the socket set (do not under any circumstances try to use anything other than a correct sized socket – you could easily cause serious damage or even hurt yourself). A piece of steel pipe is then put over the socket handle and leaned on with considerable weight. The bolt slackens with no fuss at all. It may cost you a little money to get the stuff to do this job properly, any other way is not recommended.

1968 – 1979 VW 1600 Transporter Engine Flywheel End of The Crankshaft Cross Section

1968 - 1979 VW 1600 Transporter Engine - Flywheel

1. Flywheel
2. Gland nut
3. Needle bearing
4. Felt ring
5. Retaining ring
6. Gearbox input shaft
7. Lock washer
8. Dowel peg
9. ‘O’ ring
10. Crankshaft oil seal
11. Shims
12. Rear main bearing
13. Crankshaft

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