1968 – 1979 VW 1600 Transporter Exhaust System Removal, Inspection, and Replacement

The Volkswagen exhaust and silencer is a complex unit made of heavy gauge material, which is expensive to replace. The silencer and tail pipe assembly is connected at five points on each side. To remove the exhaust/silencer unit first replace the nuts, bolts, and clamps which attach the assembly at the ten locations. If some of the underside nuts and bolts are badly rusted buy new ones before attempting to get the old ones off. It is unusual to the to break or need cutting. A complete set of the gaskets should also be acquired before disturbing the unit.

Once all the connections are loosened the silencer can be drawn backwards off the studs of the cylinder head rear exhaust ports and lowered to the ground.

1968 – 1979 VW 1600 Transporter Exhaust System and Mounting

1968 - 1979 VW 1600 Transporter Exhaust System and Mounting

1. Tail pipe
2. Retaining ring
3. Seal
4. Self-locking nut
5. Clamp
6. Clamp bolt
7. Silencer
8. Seal
9. Air inlet hose
10. Hose clip
11. Grommet
12. Connecting pipe
13. Gasket – pre heater pipe (left)
14. Gasket – pre heater pipe (right)
15. Gasket – exhaust pipe flange
16. Self-locking nut
17. Clamp
18. Heat exchanger
19. Bolt
20. Pin
21. Circlip
22. Heater cable link
23. Pin
24. Clamp washer
25. Heater flap lever (left)
26. Lever return spring (left)

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