1968 – 1979 VW 1600 Ignition Timing

The ignition timing for this VW model is a little more critical than earlier models. It is just possible to set the engine up by the well tried method of adjustment and road testing  to obtain the best performance. It is a good idea when this method is used to get hold of someone experienced who has some idea of what the idling speed (800-900 rpm) sounds like. Provided the carburettor is set correctly to start with progressive setting changes at the distributor will achieve the desired results. If you can obtain a strobe light and a tachometer for temporary hook up you will save a lot of time. You will also be sure that the settings are spot on first time. The main point to remember is that having set it all up stationary and being delighted when the engine starts first time there will almost certainly be further adjustment necessary. If the pull away through the gears seem a little bit flat nudge the distributor more to advance (anti-clockwise). If the engine fluffs a bit in the lower revolutions and then zooms away as the revs increase then back it off a little.

1968 - 1979 VW 1600 Transporter Ignition Timing

A. Distributor drive shaft eccentric slot position for No1 cylinder at firing point.
B. Rotor in position to the notch in the distributor body.
C. HT lead positions in the distributor cap.

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