Subaru Impreza Service Manual

Subaru Impreza is a car manufactured by Japanese automaker, Subaru. The service procedures recommended and described in this publication were developed for professional service personnel and are effective methods for performing vehicle repair. Following these procedures will help assure efficient economical vehicle performance and service reliability. Some of these service procedures require the use of special tools designed for specific procedures. These special tools should be used when recommended throughout this publication.

This file is divided into some sections as follows :

General Information Section : Specifications, general information, pre-delivery inspection, periodic maintenance services, special tools.

Repair section : Engine section (on car services, DOHC engine, engine lubrication system, MFI-TURBO fuel injection system, fuel system, exhaust system, clutch, engine and transmission mounting system); Transmission and Differential system (manual transmission and differential, automatic transmission and differential, AWD system); mechanicl components section (suspension, wheel and axles, steering system, brakes, pedal system and control cables, air conditioning system); Body section (body and exterior, instrument panel, supplemental restraint system); Electrical section (body electrical system, fuel injection system, body electrical system);

Wiring diagram section : Wiring diagram

The service manual has 540 pages with file size 48.5 MB, and can be downloaded from the following source ().


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