honda civic service manual

This zip file consists of many pdf files about the Service Manual of Honda Civic model year 1995-1997. Honda Civic is a car manufactured by Japanese automaker, Honda. The service manual itself explains the procedure to perform inspection, selection,adjustment, diagram, overhaul, installation,alignment, testing, refilling, removal, replacements, bore honing,  bleeding, cap testing, troubleshooting, system description, dissasembly/reassembly, description, checking, changing,  on the vehicle system components and parts.

Things discussed inside these publications are including the roof molding, front grille, tailgate spoiler, wipers/washers, identification number locations, lift and support points, chassis and engine numbers, warning/caution label locations, SRS warning/caution label locations, towing, preparation of work, safety stands, lubrication points, design specifications, standards and service limits, body specifications, maintenance schedule, special tools, installation, Variable valve timing and valve lift electronic control, engine removal/installation, VTEC, valve clearance, timing belt installation removal and replacement, rocker arms, cylinder head, rocker shaft collars, valves, valve springs, valve seals, camshaft, lost motion assemblies, valve guides, valve seats, flywheel and drive plate, connecting rod and crankshaft, main bearings, illustrated index, connecting rod bearings, cylinder block, pistons, piston pins, piston rings, crankshaft oil seal, engine oil, oil filter, intake manifold, oil pump, oil pressure, exhaust manifold, radiator, exhaust pipe and muffler, water pump, engine coolant temperature, thermostat, electrical connections, vacuum connections, component locations, self diagnostic procedures, PGM-FI system, engine control module, oxygen sensor, intake air temperature sensor, throttle position sensor, ignition output signal, vehicle speed sensor, idle control system, lock-up control solenoid valve, idle air control valve, automatic transaxle gear position signal, alternator signal, starter switch signal, air conditioning signal, fuel supply system, fast idle thermo valve, idle speed setting, fuel pressure regulator, fuel injectors, fuel pressure, intake air system, fuel tank, emission control system, clutch master cylinder, clutch pedal, clutch disc, slave cylinder, pressure plate, flywheel, pressure plate, release bearing, back-up light switch, reverse idle gear, mainshaft, countershaft, shift fork, transmission housing, gearshift mechanism, shift rod, mainshaft thrust shim, hydraulic control, fluid level, pressure testing, stall speed, road test, lock-up control solenoid valve, symptom to component chart, valve body, torque converter, accumulator, governor body, ATF cooler, throttle control cable, differential, steering gearbox, power steering pump, power steering hoses, pipes, steering column, steering wheel, suspension, wheel alignment, damper, brake, master cylinder, diagnostic troubleshooting code, ABS control unit terminal arrangement, circuit diagram, modulator unit, mirrors, doors, pulsers, electronic components, wire harness, seats, trim, headliner, hood, dashboard, bumpers, consoles, carpets,  opener and latch, side sill, blower unit, frame repair chart, emblems, recirculation control, relay, wiring/connector locations, air conditioning, condenser, evaporator, AC system service, wire harness and ground locations, ignition switch, fuses, battery, starting systems, fuel indicator, fuel gauge, gauge assembly circuit diagram, fan controls, lighting system, horn circuit diagram, cigarette lighter circuit diagram, clock circuit diagram, brake lights circuit diagram, back-up lights circuit diagram, dash light brightness controller circuit diagram, power mirrors circuit diagram, security alarm system, component/wiring location index, SRS circuit diagram, airbag, cable reel, and many more.

For more details about the service manual of Honda Civic model year 1995-1997, download the document from the following source ( :


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