Before the T model, most production cars cost a lot of money. Only the rich people can afford it. There was a car that was made in 1903 and called the Oldsmobile Curved Dash. It was very affordable, yet very simple and slow. One time, the Ford owner, Henry Ford saw a meet packed into a conveyor belt which moves the meat from one place to another. There was no one ever thought to use conveyor belt to install a car. Ford knows that if he kept his car on a conveyor belt, he could make an affordable car for everyone. He also knows that he can pay a lot to his workers.

Ford Model T car was designed by Henry Ford, Childe Harolde Wills and József Galamb and Jenő Farkas. Conveyor belt system was invented by Charles e. Sorensen and Charles Lewis. The Model T has 177 cubic inches (2.9 L) 4-cylinder engine producing 20 horsepower (15 kW) for a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour (72 km/h). The engine had side valves and 3 main shaft bearings. Fuel economy is 25-30 miles per gallon, a good amount of all until now.

Ford began making Model T factory at Highland Park on October 6, 1908 as a model of 1909. Many workers from around the world want to work at Ford because wages are good. Workers could even save his money for the Model T as theirs. Price of Model T off in those years, making it more easily purchased. Originally sold for about $ 850 when competing cars sold $ 2000-$ 3000. From the 1920s the price drops to $ 300 (about $ 3,300 in the usual inflation in 2005 dollars) due to the rising of the efficiency of the technique and the volume of the conveyor belt.

On May 27, 1927, Ford Motor Company stopped producing cars Car new Model t. replaces the Model T in 1928, the Ford Model A Model T yet continued to produced until August 4, 1941. Almost 170,000 created after car production ceased. Many parts of the Model T still produced today, notably a replica of a glass fiber body,special to the famous T-bucket style hot bars.

Here is the 1926-1927 Model T Ford Wiring Diagram with Electric Starter and 7 Wire Accessory Turn signals which incorporate brake lights. The Ford model T consists of parts and components such as the right head light, timer, alternator, generator, cylinder head, horn, starter, left head light, starter switch, battery, tail light, ammeter, accessory light, terminal block, horn button, and many more. Here is the schematic (source : Texas T Parts) :

1926-1927 Ford Model T Wiring Diagram with Electric Starter

Ford Model T Wiring Diagram with Electric Starter (click to enlarge)

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