1981-1982 Fiat Spider 2000 CSO Wiring Diagram

Fiat Spider 2000 Schematic Wiring Diagram

Manufactured nearly solely for the North American market, though sold at times in various European countries the Fiat 124/2000 Spider convertible is getting a popular choice for inexpensive, fun, wind-in-the-face top down driving. Configured by Italian stylist and coachbuilder Pininfarina and suggestive of his Ferrari 275GTS, the Spider was a comrade to the 124 Coupe whose mechanicals it shared – notably the same high-performance, four-cylinder DOHC motor. The Spider survived the Coupe and matched the MGB and Alfa Spider as the world’s longest-running sports car. When presented the combination of an alloy head, twin-cam, belt driven engine with four-wheel disc brakes and a top that put up or lowered at a stoplight with one hand was simply astonishing. A pleasure to drive and capable of 100mph; the merriest of the Spiders up to 1974 are considered by many to be better than the competing Alfas. The ultimate edition is the rare and desirable Abarth Spider, built for competition in the early to mid 1970′s.

In the following pdf file, the system wiring diagrams for Fiat Spider 2000 model 1981-1982 is available. The circuit diagrams system available for the vehicle as follows :

Windshield washer/wiper
Horn circuit
Cigarette lighter circuit
Power windows circuit
Radio circuit
Parking circuit
License plate circuit
Side marker and panel lights circuit
High and low beam circuits
Ignition, starter, alternator, engine cooling fan, power distribution circuits
Automatic transmission starter circuit
Fuel injection system circuit
Instruments, indicators, seat belts and remove key warnings, courtesy lights, clock and socket circuit
Component list
Connector list

For more details, here is the pdf publication for the wiring diagrams :


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