1983 Volkswagen VW Rabbit Wiring Diagrams

The Volkswagen Rabbit: The small automobile that commenced it all for the next generation of Volkswagens. The year was 1975 and VW sales were falling. The Japanese auto makers were pouring the U.S. market with small econoboxes far cheeper than a Beetle. The Beetle had met it’s destiny. The answer, A small front wheel drive car that was economical in every way. Lay eyes on the VW Rabbit, a water-cooled 4 cylinder, with a transversely mounted engine aiming the front wheels for approximately the same price as a Japanese econobox.

The VW Rabbit was the substitute for the Beetle in the US market. The Rabbit never actually got onto until around 1979, when the oil crisis was at full effect. The little Rabbit, blended with the optional 1.5l 4 cylinder Diesel presented brilliant fuel economy (45 mpg city/up to 57 mpg highway) The Rabbit had waiting lists at the franchise during that time. Production for the U.S. market moved over here to New Stanton Pennsylvania in 1978. The first Rabbit waved of the production line on April 10th 1978 with NBC news present to uncover the first foreign automobile to be built in the USA. When production moved, the Rabbit got a refashion for the late 1979 model year. One of the most obtrusive changes to specify the american Rabbit were the new square headlights. 1979 was also the year the Rabbit convertible made it’s debut. It featured the body of the Rabbit but with a soft vinyl top. It featured the round headlights that were on older-model rabbit’s. In 1981, the Rabbit got additional refashion, gone were the small taillights, the “new” square headlights got held over from the previous year but got enclose around turn signals to substitute the ones antecedently in the bumper. The Rabbit’s interior got “Americanized” by color keying almost everything inside the car. The engine also arose for the 1981 model year, the gas engine arose from 1.6 to 1.7l , and the diesel now a 1.6 up from 1.5.

The wiring diagram of Volkswagen Rabbit model year 1983 is available in the following publication. The pdf file has 10 pages consist of wiring diagrams of the VW rabbit systems such as the engine compartment and fuse block, underdash, instrument panel and rear compartment, engine compartment and fuse block, instrument panel, and rear compartment.

To find more details, you can download the pdf publication from the following site :


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