VW Passat Circuit Diagram

The following pdf document has 12 pages, it presents the electrical wiring diagram for Volkswagen Passat system model year 1993. The wiring diagrams are designed to provide information regarding the vehicle wiring content, so it will be helpful for the electrician or the owner of this German manufactured vehicle.

The wiring circuit diagram presented are those of the parts and system of the car such as the Engine Compartment, headlights (figure 1), Engine control module, automatic control unit, automatic sol (figure 2), Engine control module and ignition coil (figure 3), fuse/relay panel and ignition switch (figure 4), fuse/relay panel and emergency lights (figure 5), fuse/relay panel and headlight switch (figure 6), fuse/relay panel and fresh air blower switch (figure 7), ABS control unit and ABS hydraulic unit (figure 8), fuse relay panel and instrument cluster (figure 9), and taillight, console switch, power windows (figure 10).

The file size of this pdf file is 482 KB, and to find more details, download the document from the following source (password : autoobuzz.com) :


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