Toyota Corolla Circuit Diagram

The following zip file has 40 pdf files inside, they are the electrical wiring diagram for Toyota Corolla system model year 1997. The wiring diagrams are designed to provide information regarding the vehicle wiring content, so it will be helpful for the electrician or the owner of this Japanese manufactured vehicle.

The wiring circuit diagram presented are those of the parts and system of the car such as the ABS circuit, AC circuit, shift interlock circuit, 1.6L engine performance circuit (3 files), supplemental restraints circuit, power top/sunroof circuit, instrument cluster circuit, 1.8L engine performance circuit (3 files), back-up lamps circuit, cooling fan circuit, wiper/washer circuit, power mirror circuit, ground distribution circuit (3 files), computer data lines, defogger circuit, horn circuit, exterior lamps circuit, courtesy lamp circuit, headlight circuit without DRL, headlight circuit with DRL, warning system circuits, automatic circuit, cruise control circuit, instrument illumination circuit, power window circuit, power door lock circuit without anti theft, power door lock circuit with anti-theft, starting circuit, charging circuit, anti-theft circuit, power distribution circuit (3 files), and heater circuit.

The file size of this pdf file is 1.27 MB, and to find more details, download the document from the following source(password : :


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