The change lever and connecting rods are of necessity long. The rod joints and bushes may wear after considerable mileages and when they become sloppy the changing of gears may be difficult as a result.

The gear lever can be adjusted to provide the proper engagement of gears after either the transmission or change lever mechanism has been disturbed. When the lever is in 2nd gear gear position it should be exactly vertical with the cranked upper section inclined at about 30degree to the rear.

Sideways movement measured at the lever knob, with a gear engaged should not exceed 35 mm. In neutral it should not exceed 70 mm. If it is more than this it indicates that there is excessive wear in the linkage somewhere.

1968 – 1979 VW 1600 Gear Change Lever and Rod Components

1968 - 1979 VW 1600 Gear Change Lever and Rod Components

1. Knob
2. Gear lever
3. Bellows
4. Mounting bracket bolt
5. Spring washer
6. Washer
7. Bracket
8. Spring
9. Stop plate
10. Guide sleeve
11. Shift rod front
12. Muff coupling
13. Shift rod, rear
14. Bellows
15. Bush, front
16. Bush, rear
17. Self tapping screw
18. Locking cap
19. Insert
20. Housing
21. Washer
22. Spring pin
23. Lock screw

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