Unlike the swinging arm type of rear suspension which was fitted to all transporters up to 1967 when the 1600 engine was introduced, the drive shafts function solely to transmit the power from the final drive to rear wheels. They do not form an integral part of the suspension system. The wheels themselves are supported on short ‘quill shafts’ which run in bearings in the suspension tailing arms. Each drive shaft has a constant velocity universal joint at each end and it is coupled to the final drive and wheel shafts by flanges secured with cap screws. Apart from improved road holding, this different design means that the axle shafts, wheel bearings and transmission may be removed fro servicing separately with comparative ease. It should be remembered also that the rear wheel bearings are no longer lubricated by the transmission oil and require a lubrication service -although the intervals are well spaced.

1968 – 1979 VW 1600 Rear Wheel Shaft and Bearings

1968 - 1979 VW 1600 Rear Wheel Shaft and Bearings

1. Split pin
2. Nut
3. Brake drum and nut
4. Back plate assembly
5. Bolt
6. Spring washer
7. Bolt
8. Lock washer
9. Dowel pin
10. Bearing housing
11. Spacer ring
12. Grease seal
13. Circlip
14. Roller bearing
15. Spacer sleeve
16. Ball bearing
17. Wheel shaft

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