The gearbox and final drive is a one piece composite assembly housed in a tunnel type magnesium alloy die casting. Unlike the more orthodox design of gearbox which has an input and output shaft aligned on the same axis with a layshaft and gears, the VW has an input shaft and output shaft only mounted alongside each other and each carrying a synchro hub. This is because the input and output power is at the same end of each shaft. The output shaft incorporates the pinion gear which meshes with the crown wheel. Synchromesh is used for all four forward speeds.

The whole assembly is supported in the vehicle as part of the engine/gearbox unit. The front end is supported on bearers attached to the centre of the frame cross tube which supports the rear suspension. The rear end is held up by the engine. The transmission casing includes the final drive gear which comes between the engine and the gearbox.

1968 – 1979 VW 1600 Transporter Gearbox and Gear Train

1968 - 1979 VW 1600 Transporter Gearbox and Gear Train

1. Casing
2. Gear carrier
3. Drive shaft (mainshaft)
4. Drive pinion shaft
5. Shim
6. Circlip
7. Retainer
8. Special nut
9. Selector fork 1st/2nd
10. Selector fork 3rd/4th
11. Selector fork, reserve
12. Retaining ring
13. Locking screw
14. Spring washer
15. Gasket
16. Nut
17. Spring washer
18. Intermediate lever
19. Ball joint
20. Lever shaft
21. Reverse sliding gear
22. Dished washer
23. Circlip

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